Lovely to meet you!

I have been “realtor-ing” since 2007 and find it to be a terrific fit (after flying the friendly skies for a decade, then having raised three amazing humans) for my personality and lifestyle. I care deeply for the best interests of my clients and am, foremost, committed to the relationship, rather than the transaction.

In order to deliver customized service, I keep my working client base small and manageable for individualized attention. Nearly all of my business comes by referral from past clients, friends, family and other realtors so I rarely need to advertise, which means, thank heaven, that you're not likely to find yourself perched on my head on some bus bench!

Knowledge about my industry and the areas I serve is very important so continuing education is a constant in my career. My goal with every client is to really listen in order to provide information and educated choices. I want you to have an experience with me that is as stress-free as possible and to have fun in the process!  We'll get there by intelligently managing expectations.  Try getting an app to do that for you, as well as hold your hand when the "you-know-what" hits the fan! The last part of my goal is to be your family's realtor for life and for me to be the one you think of and refer to when you hear of anyone buying or selling.  Refer your friends early.  There's a lot of preparation to do if you want things done right! 

You know what to do next... connect with me when you're ready, however you like: text, call, email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We can grab a "coffee" together and proceed (or not) in a way and on a timeline that makes sense for YOU!